Inspired from the abyss of italian inspired circadian forms, our latest offerings include higher performance DC motor systems, coupled with durable advanced composite aluminium blades with up to six flexible sizing and styles to suit your needs.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder”. With the all new Pearl 2 edition ceiling fans, Alaska fans, aims to expand its range of every efficient solutions to the individual seeking beauty and elegance for their ceiling space.

Pearl II

Evolving from its feminine traits, the all new pearl 2 2019 ceiling fan edition brings forward new styles and sizing options to suit your needs. Available in a wide range of spans measuring 38 inches, 46 inches, 50 inches, and 56 inches, adorn your personal space with a whiff of our pearls elegance regardless from your cozy wardrobe, to dressing up your gorgeous living room, your way. After all, what’s a better way to pamper yourself than a soft delicate breeze of perfection?

Durable Material Traits

As seamless as a supple skin’s molecular build, the pearl 2 edition ceiling fans blends soft design traits into its functional form through its composite aluminium blade foils. Blessed with a higher tensile strength in comparison to its counterparts, a higher wind compression cycle is achieved akin to the magnified effects of rippled water sweeping you off your feet whenever, wherever.

Efficient DC Technology

Borne with an intuitive energy efficient DC motor, the pearl 2 edition radiates its beauty and strength, through a range of 6 preset settings, delivering up to 38% more efficiency than its counterparts. Its fully sealed weather resistant motor core further ensures a lifespan of durability, by effectively reducing heat during operation while you sit back, and enjoy the cool breeze running through your hair during a mid summer’s morning.

If you are looking for a petite flair of elegance with style, then the OPAL efficient DC ceiling fan represents yours desires. Available in a selection of 38″ and 50″ inches of span, experience the kiss of coolness travelling down your cheeks no matter preparing for that dream date in your cozy bedroom, or unwinding from the hectics of life in your balcony.


Ideal for cozy spaces, walk in wardrobes,, and balconies, dress up your OPAL 38'' with oozing tones of OPAL black, OPAL white to suit your personal style.Furthermore, alleviate up your ambience setting with triple way LED lighting moods with this petite beauty that packs a punch.


Built for wide bedrooms havens of the era, the OPAL efficient DC ceiling fan fits your home with a minimalist vibe that hints functionality with style. Feel the swirls and twirls of its cool breeze ventilating your personal living sanctuaries while you loosen up and drift towards your essential sleep voyage with peace and serenity in your space.

Decked out with a wider width profile, the GEMS efficient DC ceiling fan provides tranquility within your personal space with just the optimum size suited for your bedrooms, or compact living rooms within nine metre square of surface to spare. Be prepared to be dazzled by the amount of wind flow this beauty generates while you focus on dressing up for that date you’ve been looking forward to.


Like a form fitting dress of the era, the GEMS edition depicts modern functionality with a triple way 18W mood LED lighting that sparkles brightly among its counterparts. Illuminate those milestone moments loud and bright no matter your needs for a task oriented decision, relaxing ambient setting or simply the hustle and bustle of day to day activities.


Dressed in an understated tone, the GEMS 46'' DC efficient ceiling fan is available in GEMS Black, GEMS White fitting tones to suit your preference no matter your needs. Invoke your senses with a waft of consistent wind breeze with this beauty while creating that understatement piece you’ve been looking for to complement your needs today.

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