Inspired by the laurels of nature, the all new wave edition represents a series of nature inspired designs that aims to provide the serenity of a natural cooling habitat within your own personal space.

Engineered with over 80 iterations of concept designs and material development planning, Alaska’s wave edition marks an exclusive range of ecological efficient DC ceiling fans that blends nature into your space seamlessly. Read on to find out more.

More than a palette

Did you know? by volume our oceans make up 97% of the earths inhabitable space with its sheer quantity of marine life far exceeding which inhabits land on earth. Over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by sea and there is less we know about these vast spread habitats in comparison to our journey beyond space.

As colourful as nature

Magnifying the ripples and currents spreading across the vast expanse of of the open oceans, life within the oceans further reflect how little we know with new discoveries of eco-systems co-existing even without the presence of sunlight and temperatures dropping as low as minus 4 degrees centigrade beneath the abyss.

Efficient DC Technology

Therefore, developed to commemorate the recognition of ocean exploratory and conservation efforts in coherent with nature's most astounding creations, Alaksa’s latest range of WAVE fans embodies the synergy of both an energy saving and sustainable design that provides both ventilation and illumination capabilities suited for your space.

Borrowing its traits from one of the world’s most powerful predators, the WAVE edition features
a high performance DC Motor system complementing its nautical engineered sleek aerofoil blade profiles delivering up to 40 percent more wind compression than its predecessors. Available in two sizes of 46 inches and 52 inches blade span respectively. Get yours today while stocks last!


Born with minimalist traits flowing across its form, the WAVE 46 inches efficient DC ceiling fan is the right one for you where size, meets more than the eye. Available in two neutral black and white palettes, define your utility needs in style, while enjoying a breeze that packs a punch of fresh air when needed.


An ideal fit for wide areas of ventilation, the WAVE 52 inches efficient DC ceiling fan features a broad wingspan profile that sweeps up a natural breeze of fresh air while ensuring silent operation in the hours after dark. Pamper your loves ones with up to six preset wind modes, setting the right mood for every occasion.

The minke whale is often considered to have a lifespan beyond the extraordinary, living more than 50 years and beyond in the marine world. As graceful as it moves within the ocean, the Minke edition fans from Alaksa features composite material traits, that warrants high strength dynamic profile increasing its durability traits. Available with a blade span of 46 inches, Get yours today while stocks last!


With smooth contours running across its form, the MINKE White 46 inches efficient DC ceiling fan is one that sweeps wind off your feet. Available with a triple way LED light option that illuminates your space, choose across different settings from cool white to warm ambient light for that bedtime story just before the drift towards a great night’s rest.


Revitalise your concentration with the all new MINKE Black 52 inches efficient DC ceiling fan. Blending in performance and design as one uniform offering, concentrate on all that matters most while enjoying drafts of wind flow satisfaction to your senses.

Serving an important role within a vast marine eco system, the atlantic cod is one not to be missed grazing near the ocean floor with its well balanced dorsal fins keeping it steady on course. Similarly, the Cod edition of fans from Alaska, features well balanced composite aerofoils that compresses wind volume second to none while being steady. Available in 46 inches of blade span, Get yours today while stocks last!


Timeless and appealing, the CODS 46'' DC efficient ceiling fan breeds harmony amidst the elements of modern home concepts. Dressed up with at triple way LED lighting and anti-fade hydrographic printing, be prepared to be awed over its ability to hold its shine while providing pulse after pulse of wind drafts in your space today.


Accentuated with varying curves running across its form, The CODS 52'' efficient DC ceiling fan awes the extraordinary with a delicious palette of maple oak and mahogany limited tones to tame your senses. Add that essential flavour of sweetness to amp up your space’s vibe while you indulge your sweetest moments of joy today.

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