Carefully constructed from high quality components and durable parts, our fans are engineered with timeless designs, providing maximum comfort and cost efficiency for every household.


Motor – Energy Saving DC Efficient Motor Assembly Safety 190417-12
Material – Aluminum + 3 PLY CALUMINUM
Design – Slim Sleek, Curved Bladetip
Control – Six Speed Slim Remote Control With Last Memory Function ( Fan Speed + Light Tone )
Light – Slim / Curve 20W ( Tone+Dim) Memory Samsung LED 
Specifications : Height ( <310mm ) X  Diameter  ( 965mm ) 
Efficiency Speed (RPM)  Rating : 98/135/167/195/228/252 (RPM) <35W
Recommended Ceiling Type – Concrete / False Ceiling >2.3M
Recommended Area – Indoor / Covered Outdoor
Recommended Room – Bedroom / Dining Room


What makes different from the rest lies with the core aspect of innovation from the choice of material application to the study of wind dynamics principles in the pursuit to create an efficient fit for durability and performance packed into one.
Using a mixture of layered composites, our main range of fans are equipped with patent pending 3 PLY layered composite high strength aluminum, forming the gapless renowned sleek look while increasing wind strength, and airflow beneath the airfoil blade structure of our fans. 
A 6 speed preset energy efficient DC Motor drive with an aluminium motor casing further pushes the boundaries of the competition delivering up to 35 watts of power output below a 30 decibel rating ensuring silent performance unlike any other.
High quality components such as Taiwan made motor bearings and Memory Samsung LED technology are also being used to in our  fans so that you can live, work, and play better.


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