Aero-engineered to fit the ergonomics of home and commercial living spaces, Aerahaus Fans, communicates a minimalist simplistic design that integrates seamlessly into ceilings without losing its functionality of wind circulation in your space.

Engineered with over 80 iterations of concept designs and material development planning, Aerahaus Fans marks an exclusive range of ecological efficient DC ceiling fans that blends nature into your space seamlessly. Read on to find out more.

Aero-technik Fans.

Evolving from the success of it predecessor’s bio engineered aerodynamic profile traits, Aerahaus Fans’s latest range of energy efficient ceiling fans breaks traditional barriers by leveraging from adverse wind flow multiplying effects resulting in a strong and consistent breeze.

Borrowed From Flight.

Aerahaus fans comes equipped with blade foil winglets moving across six progressive preset natural wind modes through an energy efficient drive reduction system. Corresponding towards ventilation capabilities, wind turbulence is reduced, eliminating unnecessary clicks and wind noise, disrupting the serenity of your living space allowing you to live, work better.

Multiply Wind.

Engineered to increase air velocity, wind volume within a space, Aerahaus fans, A.U.R.A EDC ceiling fan harnesses wind streams during operation at high speeds. Its straight edge profile further increases air flow multiplying up to 40% more wind flow than its predecessors creating an efficient distribution of wind flow in your space.

Built with a weather resistant composite material, Aerahaus Fans new build profile reduces wind turbulence loss effects by optimising stability across its form during operation. Lesser vibrations from interconnected parts further account towards eliminating the “clinks and clanks” of joint assemblies, further reducing the need for additional balancing kits, while ensuring serenity within your space that you deserve.

Form and Factor.

With the usage of sustainable and durable materials, Aerahaus fans signifies an evolution of designed to outlast its predecessors in terms of flexibility, form, and function though the implementation of registered assembly designs, that are durable and timeless in design.

Beyond Aviation.

Utilising the latest innovations inspired from aviation and engineering, Aerahaus fans is equipped with high grade fibre resin forms that that warrants high strength increasing its durability and wind power in comparison with its predecessors..

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